The Beginning


Everyone has to start somewhere, and mine was being inspired by friends, family, and things on the internet that caught my interest. I began by taking images online and putting them with codes that I put together to get the ultimate Myspace layout, at the time. All my work gained some attention from friends and other people who came across my page. I also made new backgrounds from pictures I found online which is what inspired me to want to create my own background images.

It was late summer 2007 when I first started making my own art. Thanks to a very wonderful friend who let me use her camera. We would take pictures together, and I started taking them on my own. I enjoyed making colorful profile pictures out of my selfies. I also enjoyed making colorful and unique profile pictures for my friends as well. After making some art for myself and a couple friends, I had requests to make more edits. It was a lot of fun making colorful renditions of pictures my friends would send to me to touch up.

The images at the top are some of my first edits outside of profile pictures and selfies. The first one was made from a picture of pool water, that I warped in a program called Photo Impression 4. Photo Impression is a more user friendly photoshop that doesn’t cost that much, or in my case, I found it on my moms desk. Then after starting that program my best friends mom let me get a copy of her Adobe Photoshop to use. Once I got the hang of it, which was a lot of self-teaching, I finally started making some cool stuff. Now I have some images that look like they came from the internet but it was a picture I took, and edited.

A lot of stuff I’ve created is colorful and chaotic. My normal pictures that I would contort to abstract views of swirls, lines, with movement. I used art as my expression of things going on at the time.

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