Fallyn Pixie

Many moons ago I was given the nickname by my husband, and friend: Fallen Pixie. It was  in 2009, and from there on it stuck. I also liked it due to the fact that I like to make creative and colorful things. As well as fantasy, too. The name, to me, really fits for my digital art.

In June of 2012 I made a Facebook page under Fallen Pixie Productions since a lot of personal friends enjoyed my art posts and gave lots of positive feedback. My first logo design is one I used a wing set brush with one a picture of myself that one my close friends took. I started with Production with my name, and then found Imagery was more suiting since I was taking the pictures and creating digital art as well.

(Check Obsidian Dawn for brushes)


After some critism about my first logo being to visible on everything I designed I decided to start working on refining my design. Thus the name changes. Finally I decided to separate my graphic design from my photography, as HH Imagery. That way my photography would have its own spotlight from my art.