It took me several tries to get a lightning picture. The first year I moved where I’m at now I was trying with my Kodak during a summer storm, but no luck. Usually the storm doesn’t have a good view either. This time lucked out and the storm was right in view hitting the mountains behind town. I watched dozens of bolts and switched my camera to speed shot. A literal 1 in a 1,000 shot is what I ended up with. I wish I could have gotten some shots from the storms that hit the next month, put this bolt to shame, and the storm too lol. Except that storm flash flooded the highway and shut it down for 6 days, search google for highway 58 flash flood October 2015, and that’ll cover that. This little storm did start a fire right after I snapped my bolt. I walked a block over and the fire was in clear view. Fire rescue was on top of getting it out.


Since I used speed shot to obtain my picture I made it into a GIF. To me it’s still a cool shot with birds flying by right as the lighting strikes.

lightning gif

September 2017, This storm reminded me of the October 2015 flash flood that hit. Same thing, crazy lightning and lots of rain. I saw a blue bolt followed by a green bolt i didn’t have my camera for. But I am happy with what I did get before the rain and wind got to crazy. Sometimes our weather is go big or go home.

Also, I snapped this with my Canon, with the right settings and standing absolutely still is what got me this. I really can’t wait for another storm.

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