Sequoia National Forest

This year my family went camping at Quail Valley camp grounds, just on the outer edge of the Sequoia National Forest. To get here you have to take a narrow windy road, and there’s only a few roads that go back to the cities. One major road through the park that takes you from Kernville through to Johnsondale, and up to Ponderosa. The landscape is quite interesting here at the start of several national forests and parks. The Sequoia National Forest connects to the Sequoia National Forest which stretches into the Kings Canyon National Park. Kings Canyon connects to the Sierra National Forest thats leads to Yosemite National Park. Still stretching north is the Stanisluas National Forest and Eldorado National Forest. Plus a couple more national forests as well. I would say its a 1,500 mile stretch of California that is all national parks. Beautiful landscape and unique geology. Also The Pacific Crest Trail goes through all of these places as well, and from what I’ve heard hikers say, its a great experience.

These pictures are from the Sequoia National Forest. The red plant is called a Snow Plant, or Sarcodes. It’s a parasitic plant that is more commonly found further north near Yosemite. This one here was found along the Trail of 100 Giants which is more central California. As far as I have seen there are usually no more than five of these plants. The first time I saw one it was newly emerging from the ground. This time they were tall enough to be noticed from a short distance making people walk up to them to check out the bright red plant.

The bottom four pictures are from a very lovely scenic campsite. Camp 2 is tucked up just past Johnsondale just a little ways from Ponderosa and Dome Rock.

The view looking north on top of Dome Rock was just amazing. Snowy caps in the beginning of June. Such a perfect view. It was hard to believe because everything south of Dome Rock had no snow.

The Needles to the east were a cool view as well.

The last six images were edited in PicsArt.


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