Ten Years

The tree from my old house. The poor thing just started dying over the years.

Below are some of my early images of the anger inside. My shirts were a bit spot on at the time. My favorite is the South Park goth kids. “What’s the point in caring when all it brings is pain?” My favorite shoes at the time were my DVS.

When I first started editing images and making art I was in a dark place. As such I made art that reflected that darkness I was feeling. Listening to Marilyn Manson and tons of other songs and artist that fit my mood while I was creating. I started with a lot of the images I was taking at the time with my best friends. After I shared my art work, I got a lot of positive feed back. So I continued and even made colorful renditions for other friends. Most of my first year was spend editing selfies, and friends pictures to make cool profile pictures. A lot of my person edits were very expressive creations. Creating art has helped with being able to express my depression, and a way to cope and get past things.

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