At the end of April 2015 my neighbors grandma passed away. She gain some hens and chicks succulents that her grandma had for years. I had never seen anything them before.

Almost a month after she had them, my neighbor gave me a few as a way to celebrate her grandma’s life. She gave me 5 little plants. Did some quick research on what I could use to pot them. I ended up using some rocks and potting soil to start out with.


The first plants I have managed not to kill. Also the snow of winter didn’t freak them out either like it did my moon cactus. I was amazed at how easily they took to the soil. No issues, just water every other day, and they did great. I was amazed that they made it a year. Still as big as their mothers, but still alive and growing.


Seedum is another really easy succulent as well. My neighbor gave me a couple little bushels. I put them in one of my pots and it nearly over took the whole thing over the last year now. A couple months ago I noticed the seedum had some white on it. Which I first assumed to be bird poo. Then a couple weeks passed and I noticed more of the seedum turn white and develope flowers. The flowers indicate that its life cycle is over. The cool thing is when you pick the dead stuff off its still connected to the living part of the plant still.


This year my hens and chicks are now two years old in my care. I came out one day to see on my larger plants starting to grow upward in the center. It was at the start to the end of its life cycle. Over the next two to three weeks I watched two of my hends and chicks grow towards the sky. Then one day I noticed that it was starting to get flowers. It bloomed little pinkish white flowers. The bottom of the plant started losing color and turning brown. That was it, the life cycle over and any babies were replanted.

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