No one ever said being an artist was easy. So far that has been a bit of the truth as far as the rest of the gig goes. After aquiring better gear, you now need clientelle. Also a way to get yourself out there and known with other photographers in the area. Every photographer has their view. I’m still working on sharing my view. Which means after a bunch of struggle I found myself volunteering.

In the beginning of 2016 I interviewed to volunteer at a thrift store. I started out part time. After a month of part time I wound up with a personal hiatus from being able to volunteer. Once everything cleared up I returned to the store as a full time volunteer.

It was a very fun experience. Also all sorts of unique things get donated to the thrift store as well. Everything from clothing, knick knacks, rare items, old electronics, miscellaneous, and even trash people couldn’t manage to get to the dump at times, too. This was also the experience where I found that I have a health condition I need to get taken care of still.



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