Tsu.co, A New Type of Social Network

Before you get to excited this is just a review about the website as it went dark at the beginning of August 2016. My sister-in-law’s brother told me about the website. It was invite only, join through a  friends username. I decided to check it out in total curiosity and to see  if there was a  better place than facebook to post my art.

Sebastian Sobczak believed in giving royalties to the    people on the  website through ad-revenue. Do what facebook doesn’t do. They fill our home page with ads and the profit is all theirs. Facebook even went as far as to block tsu.co as malicious to their site. Many people who managed their ‘like’ pages shared links from tsu to their pages so they didn’t have to post from facebook, I did. It was convenient to post on tsu and gain more viewers through cross platform sharing. Tsu.co was 11 months when facebook banned any mention of  the website, and deleted people pages. It took almost 3 months  before they restored pages and allowed the website the  be mentioned in any text.

I made some cool images for tsu. Over the year 2015 the site grew, and charities found their way there. Make A Wish Foundation, water charities, Southern Oregon Project Hope to help the homeless, and many more. In November  2015 I did my own  #LeavesForTheHomeless and used my funds to pay on those who participated in my cause. It had a good turn out for my first charity raise, which was over $15. I also donated to other charities as well.

Redemption was a sweet day. I hit the 100.00$ in June of 2016.  It took just under a month to process the payment. I cashed the check in  July 2016 just under a month of the site going dark. It was  great to  find a place with cool people, who like to create, could come together on a new platform, and get to meet with new people from all over the world. Tsu.co reached 5 million users, but 2.5 or less really saw what tsu was for and stayed for the long haul not to get rich right away.

I hope to some day be able to  publish about another website/app that is just as awesome as tsu was. I tried Rabadaba in October 2015, and again in august 2016. Rabadaba.com/FallynPixie is my name there, they have their own payment system but   I haven’t reached their max of 1,000,000 rabs. Also the website/app went in the direction of daily contests, which seemed cool at first. Now it seems its only daily pet contests.

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