Throwback Post

These pictures are from June 23rd, 2012. The first two pictures are from along the 178, thats goes from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella. It’s a narrow two lane highway, one side jagged rocks, the other side Kern River, which this year (2017) is flowing really strong since the repair of the dam for Lake Isabella.


My husband found a spot to stop so we could get out and stretch our legs and check out the scenary. This spot is from the lower part of the Kern River, well south of the dam. The river was flowing really at good rate of speed at the time. It was a peaceful spot with tons of rocks. My husband found two rock halves at about 20 feet apart that turned out to be the same rock. There are so many river rocks and giant boulders.



Continuing down the 178 towards Lake Isabella the town.



The first picture is from Lake Isabella the town, which is surrounded by mountions covered with giant boulders. The second picture is over looking the lake and surrounding towns. Lake Isabella the lake and town, and Bodfish with the 178.


This is along the Caliente-Bodfish Historical Route. It’s a narrow two lane road that can come down to single lane. This is also a free range road, so you  have to be cautious of cows being on the road.


The black circle is around the river rock that my husband found 20 feet apart at that spot in the pictures in the second section. I took some other rocks and decorated our porch with them. The river rock had been with us a month when it was brutally kicked across the street by a crazy guy. This guy, who claimed he a million dollar meteroite, said our rock was uraninite. He starts moving the rock halves with he feet, and shouting, “It’s uraninite!” We tried to tell him that the river rock was harmless but to no avail. My husband picked up the halves and brought them back.

We have some smaller rocks that we know aren’t safe, but river rock, is pretty safe unless you drop one on your toes.

Picture Editors

Over the last 10 years now I’ve had a lot of enjoyment in editing. Plus a friend of mine was good at editing pictures, and was always posting cool stuff on Myspace which inspired me to want to create and step up what I was doing. I still remember making unique collage background for my best friend and her mom’s Myspace pages. Making my own unique, and eye catching profile pictures, too.

My first editing program was called Photo Impression. I found it on my mom’s desk when I had to use her computer since mine got knocked over by my cats while I was gone for a weekend. Photo Impression 4 was really cool. It had filter effects, cloning tool that i could use to brush in a background. It also had a way to do layers, basic adjustments, and a goofy faces template. I still have the CD, but its got more scratches, so I’m not sure if it will work or not now. Its a great starter or alternative to Photoshop.

After I created a background for my best friend’s mom using Photo Impression she gave me a copy of her Photoshop disk to install. I was beyond greatful. It took me a while to learn, but once I picked up a few tips I learned to make some really cool stuff. A lot of the stuff I created in photoshop came after toying around and messing with filters. I like contorting and twisting images, changing the color. Making an ordinary picture into abstract art. Also making unique images from pictures I’ve taken as well.

I’ve also had find alternatives to Photoshop. The first one I found was LunaPic. It has a lot fun filters to use. I found a couple others but they’re down now. I ended up finding a cool online editor to use, Pixlr.  I also tried Gimp, but for some reason haven’t been great with it. Recently it just crashes on me, so I’m bummed about that.

At the end of last year I decided to see what apps there were for picture editing. I started with PhotoLab, then PhotoStudio. Then I saw art from someone who used a different app, which is called PicsArt. PicsArt has a lot of cool fun effects, and filters. You can even make your own sticker’s and use stickers that other users create. Between PhotoStudio and Picsart I can still make a lot unique art.

In 2015 on a new social media site called down now), I saw some cool artwork posted by a friend. Fractal art made with Jwildfire. Very technical and takes a lot on the PC, and time to render. Overall once you figure it out you get awesome results for fractal backgrounds.

South Creek Falls

The best I can manage is a quick snap while we drive by. The best I have so far, April 2013.


This is from june 2017. In the first picture, is the only view you get from the turn out where the fence is at. There’s a sign that says this is really dangerous. I’ve tried walking down the road a little, which is hazardous due to the it being a narrow mountain road, and it being a straight drop down into rocks and dirt. I’ve tried all possiblities to get the whole fall. During this trip my husband and I took a hike and I found out what I need, or a very good idea of what I need and could do to shoot this entire waterfall.


I’ll accept donations towards hiking up the river to get an amazing shot(s) of this neat water fall tucked away in the lower part of the Sequoia National Forest.

Dome Rock, Sequoia National Park

Dome Rock, Sequoia National Park, California. Photograph taken April  6th 2013. Original in color with black and white contrast edit.


Yesterday, June 4, 2017, my family and I hiked and saw the view from up top from Dome Rock. It was a very beautiful view. The landscape, and the mountain ranges all around. The breeze made it more enjoyable since there aren’t many trees near the top to just sit by. More pictures to come soon.



Also from april 2013, the Trail of 100 Giants, Sequoia National Park.