Lenticular Cloud Pictures

In April 2016, I walked out of where I was volunteering, and saw this. A very cool cloud formation. I’ve only seen this a few other times, only around here(and I’ve seen a lot of places). This time I had my camera with me. At first it wasn’t much. Then over a short period of time, it grew a to be a bit a larger.

I have a shot from 2015 of a disk shaped cloud, that is a bit similar to these pictures. So after a bit of searching I found out that these are Lenticular Clouds caused by the moisture from the mountains and the turbulent sky winds. This area has a wind farm near by, and is known for its wind. Also we have days where there’s more gliders, and parachuters.


Fujifilm Finepix a303 — This was the first camera that I personally got to use. It wasn’t mine, it belonged to my friend, and she was gracious enough to let me borrow it until the camera no longer worked.

Sanyo Digital Camera E780 — My first camera purchase. Since I was still new to photography, and the various types and styles of camera. I’m glad I didnit get a spend a fortune on a practice camera. This one was knocked out of my hands by someone who didn’t like cameras.

kodak easyshare m340 — My mom got this one for me for graduation. I enjoyed the heck out this camera, and in less than a month it crapped out. Oddly enough it worked through my best friends graduation. It worked well through the graduation ceremony, and at her house, then just stopped. Tried charging the battery, and it still didn’t work. It was also my birthday, so some time for my camera to stop. Luckily I was able to send it in to be serviced. I used it a lot over the next few monthes. It got lost or something about the time I started using my LG cellphone.

LG Env3  — I used a crappy att phone before I got the LG. The Env3 took decent outdoor photos, and in the right light indoor pictures turned out nice as well. Since it was 3MP it kind of reminded me of the Fujifilm I started with.

Nikon Coolpix S3300 — Not a bad camera if it didnt have black splots in the firmware, but I cant complain as it was a gift from my mother-in-law. I cleaned the lense and still had a few issues when I got the images onto my computer. It at least captured some good memories though.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28  — This is what I consider my first professional camera. It has more features and is a bit larger than basic point and shoot. It took a little time to learn this camera, but when I figured out the features I had been looking for in a camera, I was having so much. I finally started getting great shots after a year of practice. I love this camera since it does have the feel of a basic point and shoot, but more features and settings for the modes. I can’t thank my cousin enough for the awesome gift. I had no idea what she had really given me until a couple months ago, and I’ve had it 2 and 1/2 years now.

Canon EOS Rebel T5   — My professional camera. I imagine every photographers goal was to gain the skills and gain the right equipment to do what they love to. After 9 years, I was gifted a Canon Rebel T5. It’s taken me some time to learn the camera, and to let it soak that I really have this cool, and very advanced camera, that I thought would have taken me at least 5 more years to get. This camera is amazing I love the ability to switch the focus modes from auto to manual to get a variety of effects. Plus the color and clearity due to the camera in general vs the panasonic. Also since getting my Canon I learned how different Canons were vs other cameras, how it has internal mirror and lens, but can change external lenses too. I’ve also learned that it’s all down to the person holding the camera, wether the shot will come out or not.