Sequoia National Forest Views

Here are some monochrome and color images from the Sequoia National Forest area in California.

A fork off the Kern River that runs off through Campsite 1, 2 and 3.


Kern River along the main road that goes through the canyon.

Another view of different mountains in the Sequoia Forest.


Moro Rock, Sequoia National Forest.


Another View of Camp 3

Overlooking Lake Isabella from Bodfish-Caliente Road. You can see the towns of Bodfish, Lake Isabella, and the 178.


Dome Rock from the valley below.


Lovely spot at Camp 3


The Sequoia Forest.


Happy 2018


Happy New Year. This year has been off to a busy start, just not for my pictures and art. I am hoping to join a photography contest that is at the beginning of next month.



Some long exposure picture from last January. The first one is the stars as best as I can see them from where I live. The second picture is from between the two trees out front. The third picture is the fog that had rolled in on a cold winter evening. This year though, a complete opposite. No real rain or snow.

Happy Autumn and Halloween

Autumn is one of my favorite times of. Always inspiring me to create. I love the watching the trees change color. I’ve been making backgrounds since 2011. I’ve made my own vectors with various brushes put together. I’ve also made my own original images by editing my old pictures.



Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up and decorate as much as I can. Since 2011 I have tried to make a “Happy Halloween” every year, except this year. I’ve used various brush sets to make new images, and touched up my own personal images. My first jack-o’latern was suppose to be Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas but he ended up drunk in the process.


These two GIF images are the same image from a haunted hotel in California City, CA. Everyone who has been to this condemned hotel has had a paranormal experience of some kind. For me personally I have had a couple really creepy experiences that I can’t explain, same with the friends I had with me. Heck, walking by it at night on the other side of the fence still made me feel uneasy. It’s worth sneaking in at night to check it out.


It took me several tries to get a lightning picture. The first year I moved where I’m at now I was trying with my Kodak during a summer storm, but no luck. Usually the storm doesn’t have a good view either. This time lucked out and the storm was right in view hitting the mountains behind town. I watched dozens of bolts and switched my camera to speed shot. A literal 1 in a 1,000 shot is what I ended up with. I wish I could have gotten some shots from the storms that hit the next month, put this bolt to shame, and the storm too lol. Except that storm flash flooded the highway and shut it down for 6 days, search google for highway 58 flash flood October 2015, and that’ll cover that. This little storm did start a fire right after I snapped my bolt. I walked a block over and the fire was in clear view. Fire rescue was on top of getting it out.


Since I used speed shot to obtain my picture I made it into a GIF. To me it’s still a cool shot with birds flying by right as the lighting strikes.

lightning gif

September 2017, This storm reminded me of the October 2015 flash flood that hit. Same thing, crazy lightning and lots of rain. I saw a blue bolt followed by a green bolt i didn’t have my camera for. But I am happy with what I did get before the rain and wind got to crazy. Sometimes our weather is go big or go home.

Also, I snapped this with my Canon, with the right settings and standing absolutely still is what got me this. I really can’t wait for another storm.

Chalk on the Walk

About three years ago around Halloween was when I noticed that there was chalk art on the ground. What really caught my attention was a decent chalk drawing of Jack Skellington and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It made me wonder why it was there. I wouldn’t know until August 2016. My last Saturday volunteering, when I got to the store, there were people all along the side walk. They were all down the road leading to the store. It was cool to get a first hand view at everyone who had started working at like 5-6 am.

I’m lucky to live in a town that really encourages art and creativity.



When I was 14 I got my cousin’s computer, which was my first computer. My main focus was playing a game my mom got me hooked onto. Once I knew it was mine I actually looked at the windows backgrounds. I enjoyed changing to the various images. Then a couple years later I really got into abstract backgrounds as I looked for new desktop images. Then the day came when I got into myspace layouts that I really wanted to make my own. These images here are later work and weren’t used for myspace, but that’s where a ton of my early work first showed.


“Art is a way of expressing ourselves.” -HHImagery